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How it works...

1. Submit your music...

Submit your latest single, EP or album and not only will AAA Backstage at AAA BACKSTAGE be able to listen to it & offer you coverage, but so will hundreds of other curators for the next 45 days!

Why? We believe that artists have better things to be spending their time on than trawling through hundreds of blogs and playlists. We’ll put you in front of the right people with our in built filter system.

2. Get Approved...

Musosoup’s team will take a listen to your music first, before you pay anything, to make sure that you have a good chance of success.

Why? We know how hard it is financially for grassroots musicians, so this way we can make sure artist’s who might not be 100% ready yet, don’t waste their money. It also allows us to keep the platform as high quality as possible for our curators.

3. View Offers...

Sit back and wait for blogs, playlists, radio stations and more to send you offers for coverage, building strong relations as you go. Here you will retain 100% control and be able to accept or decline them at your discretion.

4. Get Press!

You’ll be notified as soon as coverage has been created!

It’s that simple.

Who are Musosoup?

Musosoup connects musicians with a wide range of content curators for reviews, interviews, radio play, playlists and more.

Simply submit your music to our platform. Once approved it will be made available to all curators for 45 days.

During the 45 days you'll get access to instant reports that will let you know who has listened to your music, who is considering creating content, and links to content created about your release.

How much does it cost?

For the whole of December 20221 we are offering £12.00 off a full 45 day listing making it just £24.00. Simply enter the coupon code below at checkout.

*A portion of all listings fees are given back to the blogs, stations and playlists so we can support them to continue writing about great music.

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